Fruit flies

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How do I recognize fruit flies?

Fruit flies are easy to recognize if you know what to look for. The flies are about 3 mm in size, have a fairly wide body and no antennae. The color of fruit flies is striking: they have a brown body with red eyes. Fruit flies often circle around fruit and vegetable remains. Some people confuse fruit flies with mourning flies. You can read more about this pest on our mourning flies page .

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Fruit fly eggs

Fruit flies like to lay their eggs in fruits and vegetables, hence their name. Light-colored larvae hatch from the eggs. In the photo you see a larva in a blueberry.

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How do I combat fruit flies?

Fruit flies can easily be controlled with the specially developed Drosotrap . A specially developed trap with very attractive attractant for fruit flies. The handy adhesive strip makes it easy to attach in the kitchen, above the trash can or fruit basket.

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How do I prevent fruit flies?

Fruit flies are mainly attracted to vegetable and fruit remains. It is therefore very important to keep food well covered and to store ripening fruit in the refrigerator. It is also important not to leave waste lying around for too long: throw away rubbish regularly and ensure that the rubbish bin is properly closed.

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