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When to combat wasps?

The best time to combat lemonade wasps is around July and August when the wasps start looking for sugars en masse. Normally wasps get the sugars from their larvae, but in the summer the larvae are fully grown and the wasps look for other sources.

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Are wasps dangerous?

Wasps do not cause any damage in the garden. They are an important link in the food network: wasps are predators that can suppress crane flies, caterpillars and spiders, for example. Wasps can be annoying to humans, especially if you have an allergic reaction to stings. With a lack of natural enemies and sugars, wasps can become a major pest in the garden or on the balcony.

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How do I repel wasps?

The most animal and environmentally friendly way to get rid of wasps is to chase them away. The Wexit spray is specially designed to lure the wasp away using a fine water mist. This means the wasps immediately leave for their nest, and you can enjoy your food and drinks in peace!

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How do I combat wasps?

If wasps are a nuisance, the wasps can be effectively caught with the Vespa trap. The Vespa trap has been specially developed to catch wasps. Lemonade or rotting fruit is placed in the trap. The wasps are attracted to the smell and are trapped by the special design of the trap.

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