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Our mission: chemical-free houseplants and gardens! We strive to protect insects because we believe they are not only beautiful, but also essential to nature. Join us in exploring the beauty and significance of these small creatures.

The problem

The decline in insect populations is a cause for serious concern. These tiny creatures play a silent yet crucial role in maintaining our ecosystem. A reduction in their numbers leads to decreased pollination, directly affecting our crops and food production. And let's face it, who wouldn't want to relish juicy fruits and vibrant flowers? Moreover, insects are the driving force of the natural food chain. A decline in their population has ripple effects on numerous animals, plants, and us humans. Let's collectively contemplate the significance of these small heroes in ensuring a healthy and balanced planet.

The power of natural pest control

Natural control is revolutionary for your houseplants and garden! Leave out those chemical remedies; With natural allies such as ladybugs and parasitic wasps you can keep pests out of harm's way. By adding only natural substances to the plant, the soil will recover and the plants will become more resilient and nutritious. The plant will also be less susceptible to all kinds of diseases, fungi and pests. This approach keeps your plants healthy, without collateral damage to beneficial insects. So, get rid of the pesticides, embrace nature and watch your garden and houseplants flourish like never before! 

Why choose Insect Heroes?

With more than 55 years of experience in growing and offering natural pest controllers, Insect Heroes now brings the knowledge gained from greenhouses and fields to your home and garden. We deliver fresh products every day and we carry out careful checks on each batch on a weekly basis. In this way we guarantee a product of high quality. Continuous improvement is central: we introduce new products and continuously refine existing cultivation methods. To support you, we share knowledge through instructional videos, blogs and informative pages, so that you can keep your houseplants and garden optimally healthy. If you have specific questions, our experienced customer service colleagues are ready to provide expert advice.


How can you participate in 5 steps?

  1. Discover the wonders of nature! Cultivating a curious mindset and showing respect for nature is crucial in fostering a healthy living environment. Educate yourself about the advantages of insects and the essential needs of plants for their well-being. Delve into our blogs, posts, and watch our YouTube videos.

    2. Understand your choice: familiarize yourself with pest control products and their active ingredients.

    3. Back campaigns and initiatives that promote reduced use of pesticides.

    4. Share our story both in person and on the internet among those you know. What's the perspective on this in your surroundings?

    5. Experiencing a pest issue? Seek expert advice from our customer service.


100% natural pest control


Working invisibly, without forming a new pest


More than 55 years of experience in breeding insects and mites


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