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How nice that you are interested in becoming a reseller of biological solutions against pests. Working together towards a more sustainable future is one of our motivations.

We offer two forms of collaboration for resellers, both online and physical. The first is affiliate based (a commission per sale), and the second is dropshipping based.

Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a collaboration in which the reseller (affiliate) generates sales for the manufacturer's webshop (Insect Heroes). Customers order directly from the manufacturer, and the affiliate receives a percentage of the generated sales.

Affiliate marketing on your website

We provide banners, product tiles and exclusive hyperlinks for your website, with which you refer customers to the Insect Heroes webshop. On a monthly basis we send an overview of the sales resulting from the unique links. As an affiliate you receive a monthly percentage of the turnover you have generated.

Benefits of the Affiliate Model

  • You do not have to keep any administration, with the exception of the monthly invoice to Insect Heroes
  • You do not have to keep stock yourself, so you run no risk of spoilage
  • You don't have to set up customer service yourself
  • You don't have to pack and ship packages

Dropshipping model

What does Dropshipping model entail?

Dropshipping is a sales model where the seller does not manage physical inventory. Orders are placed with a third party, usually a wholesaler or manufacturer, who ships the products directly to the customer. The seller handles transactions without storing goods himself.

Benefits of dropshipping

  • You have no stock, so renting or buying storage space is unnecessary. Given the use of living material, it is crucial that all controllers are stored and shipped under ideal conditions.
  • You run no purchasing risk, because payment to us takes place after your customer purchases the product in your webshop or physical store.
  • You do not need staff to pack and ship the order to the customer.
  • The customer is always assured of the freshest product, stored and transported under optimal conditions.

We jointly determine purchasing conditions based on comparable sales prices and conditions in your (web) shop as in ours. We apply a re-seller discount to this, depending on the expected turnover and specific packaging requirements. The exact discount percentage is determined after inventory and planning.

Which system (Affiliate or Dropshipping) would fit best?

That depends on your organization and the expected turnover/volume. With the affiliate program everything is taken care of and you receive a sales commission on the products sold. Furthermore, you do not need any form of investment, knowledge or organization.

With the Dropshipping model, the responsibility for sales and customer service lies entirely with you and only the supply chain is carried out by us. This means that you have to maintain your own financial administration. Our experience shows that this is only interesting if there is a certain turnover.

Why we don't opt ​​for a form of purchasing-selling

We are dealing with living and vulnerable products that need to be stored and processed in different ways. However, it has proven difficult for resellers to properly manage all products in various package sizes, which can lead to outdated or unprocessed products for customers. This poses a major risk to the image of natural and organic solutions and goes against our vision. That is why we only consider purchasing-sales with partners who can properly process large quantities on a daily basis.

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