Spider mite

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How do I recognize spider mites?

Spider mites are small creatures up to 0.5 mm in size that are best viewed with a magnifying glass. They are not insects, but most resemble small spiders. They have a round body and 8 legs. Adult spider mites can be different colors from brown to red to green. The spider mite can be recognized by two dark spots on its body.

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Bottom of leaf

If you lift the leaf and look at the bottom, you will see small balls. If you see them walking and see the damage they cause (explained below), then you know you are dealing with spider mites!

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How do I recognize spider mite damage?

Larvae, nymphs and adult spider mites drink plant sap on the underside of the leaves. A plant cell is punctured and sucked dry, and the dead plant cell turns yellow. This causes yellow spots on the leaves of your plants. Extracting plant sap reduces the growth of the plant.

verdord blad met webjes en spintmijten erin

Spins webs

The mites also make silk, small webs, in the leaves. Together with the yellow spots, this makes the plant look less attractive.

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Spider mites and black dots

Spider mites leave black dots on the plant. These are the droppings of the spider mites.

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How do I combat spider mites?

As soon as you notice spider mites, Persi predatory mites can be used. Persi is good to use in case of a heavy infestation. The predatory mite can penetrate through the web of the spider mite and eat the spider mite.

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Prevent spider mites

Nicus predatory mites can be released preventively or in the event of a mild infestation. The grow bags can easily be hung in the plants.

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