White fly

witte vlieg op onderkant blaadje

How do I recognize whiteflies?

In the Netherlands we mainly deal with greenhouse whitefly, tobacco whitefly and cabbage whitefly. All three species have a yellow body and wings covered with a white powdery layer. The animal is up to 3 mm in size. As soon as you shake the plant, the white flies fly up. The pest is found on all kinds of plants such as cucumber, beans, roses, gerbera and tomato.

doorzichtige ronde larven van kaswittevlieg op blad

Whitefly larvae

The larvae of whiteflies are on the underside of the leaf. They are transparent in color and oval in shape.

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Cabbage whitefly

Cabbage whitefly can be recognized by the four gray spots on the wings. This species occurs outdoors and cannot be controlled with Irski or Mosi. Cabbage whitefly causes less damage to the plant compared to the other two species.

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How do I recognize whitefly damage?

Whitefly larvae and adult whiteflies cause damage by sucking plant sap. This weakens the plant.

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Honeydew and sooty mold

The insect excretes the excess sugars that the whiteflies ingest. This sweet, sticky substance is called honeydew. Sooty molds like to grow on honeydew, which is not a nice sight on the plant.

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How do I combat whitefly?

Whiteflies in the hobby greenhouse can be controlled with Sticky Leaf sticky traps. The adult whiteflies stick to the glue on the plate. This way you can quickly recognize the pest. Once you have found whiteflies, you can use Mosi parasitic wasps and Irski predatory mites.

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Control whiteflies with parasitic wasps

The Mosi parasitic wasps can excellently detect the larvae of whiteflies and lay an egg in the pest. The larvae themselves are also eaten.

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Prevent whiteflies

The Irski predatory mites can be used preventively or for a mild infestation. Irski comes in a handy grow bag. Hang the bags in the plant and the Irski mites will quickly clean up the whitefly larvae and eggs. Irski cannot be used in tomato.

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