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Check the PostNL Track&Trace code that you received in the order confirmation by email or see whether the neighbors have received the package. Have you not received the package within 3 working days? Send us an email to with your name and address and we will be happy to help you.

How annoying! We probably made a mistake. Send us an email to stating your order number and we will send you a new package.

This is not a problem, the Insect Heroes can survive this just fine. We always recommend that you turn off the Insect Heroes immediately upon arrival to ensure optimal results. If you have any doubts about the quality of the product, please send us an email with a photo and we will be happy to take a look.

Unfortunately, this is not possible as it is a living product. Other non-living products can be returned within 14 days, provided they are in their original condition. Send an email to stating your order number and the return will be processed further. The costs of return shipping are at your own expense.

Orders over €20.00 are delivered free of charge within the Netherlands. For Dutch orders under €20.00, delivery costs of €2.95 will be charged.

Belgian customers are charged standard shipping costs of €2.95.

We ship to the Netherlands and Belgium with PostNL. If you order before 3:00 PM, the package will be shipped the same day. In 95% of cases the package is received within 2 days. Delivery may be delayed by 1-2 days around public holidays.

To change an ordered product, address details or cancel an order, you must contact us as soon as possible via

First check your spam email box. If you have still not received an email, please send an email to and we will send you an order confirmation.

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

We will ship to Belgium from January 2, 2024. Belgian customers are charged standard shipping costs of €2.95.


In the event of a pest in houseplants or hobby greenhouse, it is best to use Insect Heroes preventively or as soon as you notice the first pest insects. An advanced infestation is always more difficult to treat than a mild infestation. Treating a serious infection is certainly possible, but several repeat treatments will often be necessary. In the case of a pest outside in the garden, the treatment period depends on the temperature. See the relevant pest page for more information about the optimal application period.

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend turning off the Insect Heroes immediately. If you still want to store the product, read the storage instructions in the instructions for use.

Repeat treatment will often be necessary. This applies to both natural pesticides and other (chemical) pesticides. Products often only tackle a selective stage of the pest. If you have a light infestation, the Insect Heroes will easily be able to control the pest. But if you have a significant infestation, one or more repeat treatments may be necessary to break the life cycle of a pest.

A combined application with Insect Heroes and chemical pesticides is not recommended. Always wait at least 3 weeks before releasing Insect Heroes after treating the plants with chemicals. Look after! 'natural' anti-insect sprays and oils are also harmful to Insect Heroes.


This is specific per product and pest. Read more about the effectiveness of our products on the relevant product page. In general, a reduction in pest insects can be expected after 1 to 2 weeks.

Read more information about the shelf life on the relevant product page.

Increase the dose of Insect Heroes. Cut off severely affected parts of the plant while you wait for your order.

A few hours after release, view the Insect Heroes with the handy Loupe . After 1-2 weeks, depending on the pest and product, you should expect a reduction in the infestation.


All insects and mites that we sell are harmless to people, plants or pets when used correctly. After removing the pest, they will disappear from your plants automatically due to lack of food.

All the insects and mites available for purchase are approved for use in the Netherlands. We offer either native species common in the Netherlands or exotic species that cannot establish a permanent presence in the country. This precaution ensures that our Insect Heroes do not become invasive.

Most of our products are so small that they will hardly bother you! After removing the pest, the Insect Heroes will automatically disappear from the houseplants due to a lack of food.

The Insect Heroes will not create a new infestation. After eliminating the pest, the Insect Heroes will naturally disappear from the plants due to a lack of food.

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