Clothes moth

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How do I recognize clothes moths?

The adult clothes moths are light brown to light gray in color and approximately 10mm in size. You'll find them in your closet or near the carpet, where they fly up or crawl away while you're cleaning. The adult moths do not cause any damage, but the larvae do.

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Clothes moth larvae

The larvae of clothes moths are cream in color with a brown head. They are up to 9mm in size and can be seen with the naked eye. The larvae gnaw on fabrics, causing holes in your clothing, curtains or carpet.

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Damage from clothes moths

The larvae of clothes moths gnaw small holes in fabrics. They feed on natural fibers such as wool, cotton, silk and fur. The larvae can also leave feces, which cause stains and unwanted odors. The adult clothes moths do not cause direct damage.

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Combat clothes moth biologically

Clean the affected area thoroughly and simply put out Tricho parasitic wasp sacs. The release bags contain an exit hole through which the parasitic wasps crawl out for three weeks. This way, your wardrobe, attic or carpet is protected against clothes moths for a month. Turn off the bags until you no longer see clothes moths.

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How do I prevent clothes moths?

Preventing clothes moths is all about good hygiene. Clothes moths are attracted to dirt and food residue on clothing and fabrics. Wash your clothes regularly and store clothes that you will not use for a long time in airtight bags. Air your cupboards regularly. In the case of rugs or carpets, extensive vacuuming is very important to prevent clothes moths.

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