Fig skeleton moth

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How do I recognize the fig skeleton moth?

The caterpillar of the fig skeleton moth is green in color with black dots on the body.

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Why are there more and more fig skeleton moths?

Since the species has established itself in the Netherlands, you have seen more and more moths and caterpillars appearing. This is because the fig skeleton moth does not have many natural enemies. In addition, more and more winter-hardy fig trees are being planted, allowing the species to expand well.

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How do I recognize fig skeleton moth damage?

The caterpillars of the fig skeleton moth scrape from the tops of the leaves. This creates a transparent 'skeleton' of the leaves: the veins of the leaf. Fortunately, the figs themselves are not affected.

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Webs in the fig tree

The caterpillars hide under webs. The black dots in the webs are eggs from which caterpillars crawl. It is advisable to remove as much of the silk as possible before the caterpillars hatch.

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How do I combat the fig skeleton moth?

The caterpillars of the fig skeleton moth can be controlled biologically with Felti or Carpo nematodes. Microscopic nematodes are sprayed over boxwood shrubs with a garden sprinkler. When a nematode comes into contact with the caterpillar, the nematode enters the caterpillar and kills the pest insect.

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