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How do I recognize mealybugs?

Mealybugs are small insects up to 5 mm in size. Mealybugs are best recognized by the white, woolly substance they secrete. The small fluffy spots are located near the veins of the leaf. The creatures themselves are light pink to light yellow in color.

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Mealybug nymphs

Young mealybugs are smaller and darker in color. This is because there are fewer white, waxy threads on the body.

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How do I recognize mealybug damage?

You can recognize mealybug damage at first glance by the white spots on the leaves. These spots make the plant look less attractive. The leaves also feel sticky due to honeydew. Honeydew is a sugary substance that mealybugs excrete. Sooty mold fungi can also grow on this again.

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Yellow leaves due to mealybug

Most damage is caused by mealybugs sucking plant sap, causing the plant to weaken and grow less. Leaves may turn yellow and fall off. Flowers or fruits can also fall off.

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How do I combat mealybugs?

You can easily combat mealybugs with the larva of the Crypto ladybug. Crypto is a small creature, half a centimeter in size. Sprinkle over the plant or in the handy Boxi hanging containers. This way your plant is protected against mealybugs for several weeks.

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