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What types of snails in the garden?

During the day you will encounter many snails in the garden. The most common species are the common garden snail and the white-edged garden snail. Snails mainly eat dead leaves and are therefore not that harmful in the garden.

Slugs, on the other hand, emerge at night or after the rain, so they are protected from dehydration. At night they damage the plants.

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What types of slugs in the garden?

The large road snail, seen in the photo, and the black road snail are common. The largest slug in the garden is the giant snail, a slug with lots of spots.

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What plants do snails eat?

In general, snails eat dead plant material, which is very useful in the garden! The snails that cause the most damage in the garden are the slugs.
Slugs like large, juicy leaves such as those of the hosta (photo opposite), lettuce, cabbage or pumpkin.

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Repel slugs

Fragrant plants such as chives, garlic, thyme and lavender do not like slugs and can be used to repel slugs.

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How to control slugs?

Slugs can be effectively controlled with Phasma nematodes. Phasma can easily be mixed with water and applied to the garden soil or in the vegetable garden container in a watering can.

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