Catching and preventing fruit flies: our best tips!



Catching and preventing fruit flies: our best tips!

Catching fruit flies can be a challenge; They are a pest indoors, especially in summer. The warm temperatures accelerate the reproductive cycle, there is often more fresh fruit in the house, and windows and doors are opened more often. To prevent fruit flies, here are some tips for making effective fruit fly traps!

Preventing fruit flies in the house

Fresh and hard fruit do not attract fruit flies . Fruit flies love fruit that has begun to rot or ferment. They lay their eggs in this, which speeds up the rotting process and attracts more fruit flies. Eat your fruit quickly or buy less if you notice that you don't always finish it.

Store apples, pears, strawberries and other soft or sliced ​​foods in the refrigerator. Tropical fruit such as pineapple, mango and bananas are better stored outside the refrigerator because they are less able to withstand the cold.

Fruit flies are also attracted to leftover juice, wine, or plates with jam or fruit remains. Rinse glasses or put them in the dishwasher immediately.

rotten banana

Tips against fruit flies

  1. Eat fruit on time: Overripe fruit or fruit with bruised spots are ideal food sources for fruit flies. Store fruit in the refrigerator when possible, or vary it by making smoothies or smoothie bowls.
  2. Don't put food waste in the garbage can, but in the organic waste bin: Place it in a cool place and empty it as soon as necessary.
  3. Open doors and windows against each other: Fruit flies hate draughts. By lowering the humidity in your home, you create a less attractive place for their reproduction.
  4. Bring greenery into your home: Place fragrant herb plants such as basil, dill or sage with the fruit. Fruit flies do not like these odors.
  5. Place fruit fly traps in your home: Make your own trap or choose the Droso Trap from Insect Heroes. The Droso Trap is an effective, non-toxic trap with a liquid that is very attractive to fruit flies.

Make your own fruit fly trap

  1. Take a plastic or glass container
  2. Pour in a layer of apple cider vinegar and then a drop of dishwashing liquid.
  3. Punch 3 small holes in the lid, for example with a nail and hammer. No lid? Use plastic wrap and poke a small hole in it with a needle or skewer. The hole may be quite small, the fruit flies can crawl through it.
The fruit flies crawl in through the hole and cannot find their way back. After use, rinse the contents down the sink.

The difference between fruit flies and mourning flies

Fruit flies are attracted to overripe or rotting fruit, vegetables and other fermenting organic substances. You often find them near drains, garbage cans or fruit baskets. Use the Droso trap to catch the fruit flies.

Mourning flies , on the other hand, are attracted to moist soil and organic material in potted plants. They roam around potted plants, planters and damp areas in the home. You can combat mourning flies naturally with Felti nematodes and Sticky Leaf trapping cards .
Difference between fruit fly and mourning fly