Insects and plants join forces



Insects and plants join forces

If we have learned anything from our Heroes, it is that collaborations are worth their weight in gold. That is why we have been working intensively with the nicest online plant sellers in the Netherlands for six months now, called: PLNTS . We are of course very proud of this and would like to introduce them to you!

Who are PLNTS?

PLNTS started in 1860 as a growing family. Their great-grandfather was a grower and the fourth generation is now in the shop.

The love for plants runs through the roots of their existence!
They started growing small cutting plants in their grandfather's greenhouse under the name BabyPLNTS . They got unprecedented pleasure from trying out, learning and further developing the increasingly stronger and healthier plants. The results were astonishing and it created a strong mutual desire, namely the desire to share their joy for greenery with several people. So sown, so grown and there was born: the PLNTS community.
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PLNTS community

The community is currently in full swing and is being shared enthusiastically on a daily basis. They notice that all plant owners have a personal bond or a personal feeling with their own piece of greenery and would like to share this. Just like herself.

As a 'greenie' in plant care, you can quickly find your way in the community thanks to all the experiences, knowledge and inspiration that can be found there. A place where plant lovers feel at home.
The online shop for all plant-related items

Insect Heroes in the PLNTS webshop

PLNTScommunity has grown over the years into a professional, green webshop. On you will find rare, large plants, but also cute baby plants. And not only that! Nowadays you will also find care products in the webshop, such as those from Insect Heroes .

So is that bare spot in the corner of your living room or windowsill still available? Then take a look at and who knows, you might soon welcome a stylish newcomer!

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