Insect droppings for the garden: Environmentally friendly and natural fertilization

Insect droppings for the garden: Environmentally friendly and natural fertilization

Does your garden look sad or do you just want to get the best out of your plants? Then we have good news! With our new product, Vita Garden , you ensure that your garden not only looks beautiful, but also remains healthy. Vita Tuin is plant food based on insect droppings, a sustainable and effective way to feed your garden. But why do plants need extra nutrition? And why does Vita Tuin help with this?

Plants also like something

Water, light and air are essential for plants to survive, but that's not all. Plants also need important nutrients to stay healthy and grow optimally. These nutrients, the building blocks of the plant, are responsible for, among other things, the green color of the leaves, the development of flowers and the strength of the stems.

The most important building blocks of a plant are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK). If there is a deficiency of these substances, your plant cannot grow optimally. Sometimes you hardly notice this, the plant grows more slowly, but continues to look healthy. In other cases the effects are more visible, such as leaves falling off or discolouring. It is therefore essential to give your plants the right nutrition for optimal growth and health.

Benefits of insect fertilizer

Vita Tuin is the best choice for garden plants thanks to its unique and sustainable approach to fertilization. Instead of using artificial fertilizers or animal fertilizers, Vita Tuin makes full use of insect droppings that are enriched with vegetable ingredients. This innovative approach is not only effective, but also environmentally friendly, due to the use of waste streams from insect farming.
Insect poop also contains chitin , a substance that increases the resilience of plants and makes them more resistant to pests. Chitin activates the defense against pathogens. In addition, this fertilizer has a well-balanced NPK ratio, which ensures balanced and complete nutrition for your plants. With Vita Tuin you choose a sustainable, effective and plant-based solution that contributes to a healthier garden and a better environment.

Tips for a healthy garden

A healthy soil is therefore very important for a healthy garden. You can do a lot yourself to improve and maintain the health of your garden soil. Here are some tips:
  • Leave compost or dead plant material : This promotes soil life and reduces pests. Uncovered soil becomes impoverished by weather influences, evaporates more quickly and dries out. Organic material nourishes both soil life and plants. Bugs break down the material, which keeps the soil fertile.

  • Don't dig up your garden soil : The soil is full of life that functions at different depths. Digging disturbs these layers and damages soil health and plant growth. Instead, use a cultivator or hoe carefully to loosen just the top layer. This improves aeration and water management, and helps plant roots find their way.

  • Variation in your garden : Plants of the same species are more susceptible to diseases and pests and deplete the soil. Variety in your garden provides more resistance to pests and diseases, and keeps the soil healthy and active. Preferably sow native, perennial flower mixtures, for example this Buzz mixture .


With Vita Tuin you give your garden sustainable and effective nutrition based on insect fertilizer. This fertilizer contributes to a healthy and resilient garden. Together with a smart garden approach, such as leaving compost, avoiding digging and introducing variety into your planting, your garden will thrive optimally.