Don't turn your favorite clothes into moths with our three tips against clothes moths!




Don't turn your favorite clothes into moths with our three tips against clothes moths!

Dirt and filth cause the clothes moth to follow its nose through the divine scent that emanates from it, especially when that scent is located in a dark place in the house. Undisturbed, the clothes moth can lay its eggs, after which the larvae gnaw on fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen and wool. When you want to wear those clothes again, you discover that there are holes in them. Not fun if it is one of your favorite pieces of clothing.

3 tips to prevent the clothes moth

Tip 1: Wash clothes and other fabrics before storing them in the closet. Preferably pack them in sealed bags or containers if you are storing them for a longer period of time.

Tip 2: Open your cupboards regularly and let in some sunlight! Moths do not like light and do not like to be disturbed.

Tip 3: Place a sheet of white paper at the bottom of your cupboard. Are there tunnel-shaped webs and granules on it? Then you know that moth larvae have nested in your textiles.

Combat clothes moths naturally

Have moths slipped through the tips? Then it's time to deploy heavier artillery by using Tricho's superpowers! This Hero is the natural enemy of clothes moth larvae.

How do Tricho parasitic wasps work?

The packaging is designed in such a way that 2000 parasitic wasps fly out of the bag every week for three weeks. You simply have to put the bag down and the parasitic wasps will do all the work. This means your home will remain protected for no less than four weeks.

It takes an average of two days before the first parasitic wasps fly out of the bag. Once they have found their way outside, the parasitic wasps can parasitize as many as 30 clothes moth eggs/larvae per day. This way you combat the clothes moth effectively and without the use of poison.

Are the parasitic wasps safe to use?

Tricho is safe to use; the parasitic wasps are no larger than 1 mm and do not sting.

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