Protect your vegetable garden with the natural enemy of slugs



Protect your vegetable garden with the natural enemy of slugs

The vegetable garden season has officially started and many have already planted the first seeds in the ground. And anyone who has decorated the vegetable garden before will know that slugs are common in large numbers numbers towards moist vegetable gardens pulling young plants. Our new Hero, Phasma , is the biological control agent for protecting your vegetable garden!

Where snails mainly eat dead leaves, slugs like the red road snail or the spotted field snail will take a bite of your lettuce, zucchini or pumpkin . They are even able to do half of that every day their body weight to eat fresh leaves .

Slugs are alive 2 to 5 years and to spend 90% of the time underground. One snail can lay up to 500 eggs. They lay eggs underground where it is well moist and protected. In the absence of natural enemies like hedgehogs, birds or toads can the snail population develop into a true invasion. Therefore, give your vegetable garden a better chance of success by adding an underground, natural enemy to the soil of the (vegetable) garden, namely: Phasma.
By using Phasma you add: microscopic nematodes to the soil, which also occur in Dutch nature. The small worms enter the snails through natural openings and then excrete a bacterium. An infected slug will die after 1 to 2 days and the slug plague will disappear after 1 to 2 weeks. considerable reduced.

Phasma nematodes can easily be dissolved in water and distributed over the (vegetable) garden or hobby greenhouse with a watering can or sprayer. An easy and natural way to combat slugs, without harming plants, bees, birds and mammals!