Animal-friendly tips against wasp nuisance



Animal-friendly tips against wasp nuisance

At the end of the summer, many people experience nuisance from wasps. Mainly the common wasp and German wasp, also called 'lemonade wasps'. They leave the nest in the spring as workers and fly out to provide food for the wasp larvae. The larvae in turn release a sugary substance that gives the workers energy. At the end of summer the larvae have become adults. The workers are left to their own devices and see your drink or snack become very attractive! But with these 5 tips you are ready to keep wasps away in an animal-friendly way.

01 – Opening the doors wide is a good way to air out the house in the summer. However, you also open the doors to wasps that smell something nice inside you. Despite the open doors, wasn't that meant to be a warm welcome? Be sure to hang insect screens or fly curtains in front of doors and windows so that the message is clear.

02 – This is the most important tip for your own safety, namely that you should stay away from a wasp nest. Do not attempt to remove or eradicate it. View, observe and move on. That's really the best thing for you and the wasp. Is the wasp nest in your house and do you really want it gone? Then seek help from a professional.

03 - Lure wasps to another spot with something they like, such as a buffet of rotting fruit. Would you rather put together a different menu? Please keep in mind that wasps especially like meat and sweets. Plenty of options to vary!

04 – Add certain scents to the garden. Wasps do not like strong odors and especially not smoke. You can choose to light several incense sticks in a place where wasps fly a lot. Not so into the incense? Other options include the scents of garlic, onion, ammonia, citronella and/or vinegar.

05 – Use our Wexit water spray!
Wexit is a spray based on spring water to repel wasps in an environmentally friendly way. It works as follows: you gently spray the water mist towards the wasp. The light water droplets make the wasp think it is going to rain. The wasp instinctively flies back to the nest and stays there for a long time.

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