Love is in the air - The lovebug


Love is in the air - The lovebug

On the Gulf Coast in America, a great love flight is organized twice a year by the species, Plecia nearctica, also called the love bug. The male and female mosquitoes find each other and declare love. From then on, the adult lovebugs stay together tail-to-tail for days. Even while flying!

The love bug can now be found in several parts of America and other countries such as Australia. Spread the love , so to speak.

Two flights take place every year, namely the spring flight and the summer flight. In a period of four to five weeks, the dance and mating are in full swing.

Timing is everything for the males, as the females only live four to five days. The males live slightly longer. It is therefore important to stay together so that they can be sure that the offspring gets a safe start. When the supreme moment arrives, the female lays more than 200 eggs on and around rotting material.

When the larvae hatch from the eggs, they will immediately find themselves in a real feast and join in without a doubt. In this way, decayed vegetation is cleared away.

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