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Complete protection of your urban jungle against thrips. Ideal for people with many plants.

The Jungle Deal includes:

  • 3 bags of Carna
  • 9 trays
  • 25 bags of Irski
  • 10 yellow sticky traps
  • 1 bag of Felti (25 mln)

The treatment is enough for 40 houseplants, 75 m² vegetable garden or low plants up to 60 cm, 30 m² high plants up to 100 cm or 10 m² hedges.

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Product information

Do you want to protect urban jungle against thrips? Or your (vegetable) garden with many plants? Then the jungle deal is the ideal and nature-friendly way to protect your plant. The products are formulated in such a way that the Heroes attack every stage of the thrips life cycle.

In addition, the Irski predatory mites and the sticky traps provide long-term protection, so that the thrips are less likely to return.

The combination deal includes Carna, Irski, Felti and Sticky Leaf sticky traps.

Carna larvae are supplied in a bag with buckwheat hulls. Simply spread Carna in the supplied seed boxes and hang the boxes in the plant. The larvae immediately start looking for thrips larvae and adult thrips.

The Irski predatory mites are supplied in a specially developed breeding bag. Approximately 800 predatory mites emerge from each bag in a period of between four and six weeks. This way the plant remains protected against thrips for longer.

Felti are microscopic nematodes that occur naturally in Dutch soil. The small worms penetrate thrips pupae in the soil and secrete a bacterium that kills the thrips within 2-3 days. Felti nematodes can easily be dissolved in water and distributed over the houseplants on the potting soil with a watering can.

The Sticky Leaf sticky traps are an ideal addition to Carna in the control of adult thrips. The adult thrips are attracted to the yellow color and then stick to the strong glue.

1. Dosage
1 jungle deal package is enough for 40 house plants, 75 m² vegetable garden, 75 low plants up to 60 cm or 30 m high plants up to 100 cm.

2. When to bet
Apply this product to protect your plant against thrips, or as soon as you notice thrips in the plant.

3. Shelf life
It is recommended to use Carna, Irski and Felti as soon as possible after receipt.

After receipt, Felti nematodes are best stored in the refrigerator between 4 °C and 8 °C. The nematodes have a shelf life of 1 week after receipt, provided they are refrigerated. Do not store the water solution again.

4. Location
The products can be used in the vegetable garden, in the hobby greenhouse, on the balcony or in house plants.
Carna and Irski are introduced into the plants. Felti can easily be added to the potting soil of houseplants with a watering can.

5. Repeat treatment
A one-time application does not guarantee that the pest insects will be gone from the plants forever. Repeating every 3 months is recommended to keep the infestation away.

Under the right conditions, this package offers protection against thrips for your plants. However, when the products are exposed to extreme conditions such as heat >35 degrees, cold <5 degrees or extreme dryness, the results may be less.

In the event of a thrips infestation, a reduction in the infestation can be expected within 1-2 weeks.

Carna, Irski and Felti are 100% natural products and are not harmful to people, pets, bees or birds.

The Sticky Leaf sticky traps are safe to use and do not contain any toxic substances.


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