Each type of insect has its impact


Each type of insect has its impact

Bees, butterflies, ants, mosquitoes… some insect species are growing in popularity while other species remain negatively labeled. But all species are extremely important for the species diversity on earth and for our food supply. It is becoming increasingly clear that things are not going well for 'our' insects, which is putting pressure on biodiversity and our food supply. High time to give the little 'gardeners' space again!

Eat and be eaten

The insect group makes up 45% of all animal species on Earth. Together they also have 17 times more biomass compared to the total of all people on earth. All these insects are nature's true cleaners and serve as a food source for many other animals. And they are not only eaten, but pollinate the fruits and vegetables we love. Without insects, there would be no tomatoes or strawberries!

The track at star

German researchers have made a shocking discovery. In 27 years there has been a decline of 40-60% across the breadth of different insect groups. Since 1995, the decline has accelerated.

A number of causes can be identified for this decline. It is clear that pesticides are not only poisonous to pest species, but beneficial insects also become victims. The substances then blow towards nature reserves.

There is a lot of talk about nitrogen in the media, but the role of nitrogen is becoming increasingly visible. Due to an excess of nitrogen, the supply and especially the composition of plant food is more limited for many insect species. Butterflies, bees and various types of beetles live on pollen and nectar. A narrower variety of flowering plants means that less food is available.

Reaching out to help

Helping a paw can be done in many different ways. One way is to provide your (vegetable) garden with native species of flowers, leave a bunch of nettles and create mess corners. For unwanted bugs on your plants, choose biological pesticides with native insect species, such as the common lacewing or the two-spotted ladybug.

The more you learn about life and the importance of insects can change your attitude towards insects. We believe insects are heroes in protecting plants, animals and people and keeping them healthy. Discover how our Insect Heroes can help you and join our sustainable mission.