Combating fungus flies in houseplants: Practical tips and tricks




Combating fungus flies in houseplants: Practical tips and tricks

You are watering your houseplants and suddenly you see all these little black flies flying up from the potting soil! What kind of flies are these and how do you get rid of them?

Spotting mourning flies

Those little black flies in your houseplants are not fruit flies, as many people think. They are fungus gnats, also called fungus flies . Fortunately, these small mosquitoes cannot bite, but they are annoying in the house. The adult fungus gnats are 3 mm in size, black in color and fly quite slowly. The adult fungus gnats do not cause direct damage to the plants, but the larvae do.

Hungry larvae

The larvae of the fungus fly are hidden in the potting soil of your houseplant. Here they secretly eat the roots of the plant, without you realizing it! The larvae look like small, transparent worms of about 5 mm in size. The larvae are happiest when the soil is nice and moist. That is why you quickly suffer from fungus gnats in the winter, if the houseplants receive more water than they can absorb. So pay attention to how much water you give the plants!

Insect Heroes to the rescue!

The nematode Felti comes to save your plants from mourning flies! You can easily distribute these tiny little superheroes over your plants with a watering can. The Felti nematodes penetrate the larvae and clear them away in no time. The nematodes also have gadgets that help them during their mission. Plati and Tulpa are cards with glue that catch the adult mourning flies. This means that the flies can no longer reproduce and lay eggs. An ideal combination to get rid of fungus flies in your plants.

Have fun and good luck with natural control! Would you like to see how this works? Then watch the video below.

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