Irski, the natural Hero for every houseplant




Irski, the natural Hero for every houseplant

The greenest houseplant is enjoying the first rays of sunshine on its leaves. Water and organic fertilizer are provided regularly for the houseplant, exactly as often as the plant needs. But now that spring is in sight, the doors and windows are opening more and more often. And, boy, that scares the houseplant. Because thrips, whiteflies and spider mites are eager to make use of this. Solution? Add Insect Hero, Irski to the plant preventively!

Copied from the wild, it was noted and documented that Irski (Latin species name: Amblyseius swirskii ) is a predatory mite that has a special diet of whitefly, spider mites and thrips. The pear-shaped predatory mite of approximately 0.05 mm long is a welcome friend for virtually every houseplant.

Irski, a real world traveler
Irski is widely used all over the world for biological control of pests that affect crops such as apples, apricot, cucumber and cotton. While Irski was originally spread across the eastern Mediterranean, such as in Italy, Greece and Cyprus, Irski is now also finding its way to Japan, Argentina and parts of North Africa. Irski is welcomed everywhere with open arms and that gave Insect Heroes the idea to send the predatory mite on a mission to every living room in the Netherlands. And with success!

Irski in the houseplant
The most common houseplant pests are thrips, spider mites and whiteflies, but each pest does not immediately pose a life-threatening attack on the often isolated houseplants. Yet a single creature often quickly grows into an alarming pest, despite good care from plant mom or dad. There is simply no one to protect the houseplant. For this reason it is recommended to hang a bag of Irski in the plant every 8 weeks.

How do you apply Irski?
Irski is easy to apply. Hang the specially developed bags in the plants. Preferably close to the pest insects, and the predatory mites do all the work.
There is no easier and more natural way to combat insect pests without harming plants, bees, birds and mammals!

Could your plant use some protection? Order Irski now and keep your plant… PEST-FREE for 6 to 8 weeks!
Predatory mites against thrips – Insect Heroes