Clean the plant with Insect Heroes soap






Clean the plant with Insect Heroes soap

Insect Heroes proudly introduces its own plant soap: 'The Plant Soap spray.' The soap is an ideal tool for combating mealybugs, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, scale insects or scale insects. The unique thing about the soap is that it consists entirely of 100% natural substances and contains no natural or synthetic toxins.
As of today, the soap is exclusively available in the Insect Heroes webshop. With the Plant Soap Spray you give your Heroes an advantage in the fight against pests!

We regularly see soaps that indicate that they are based on natural substances and that is correct. Often it is not a lie , but its effect is still harmful to humans, mammals or insects. The most common sprays or soaps contain concentrations of * Pyrethroids .

Pyrethroids are a group of substances that are highly toxic to all types of insects . For example, the substance called pyrethrins affects the nervous system of insects, paralyzing the muscles and causing the animal to die. Products containing pyrethroids also combat beneficial insects , such as bees. And things are going very badly for insects in the Netherlands, especially bees. Use pyrethroid-free products, because in addition to insects, you can also suffer from them.

In humans, these substances can cause irritated eyes, skin or respiratory tract. Babies, young children or people with an allergy to these substances should be extra careful.

Insect Heroes is happy to offer a responsible and sustainable alternative.
The composition of our new soap is based on olive oil . And that's it!

Thanks to its careful composition, the soap is suitable for cleaning the plant before the Heroes are used. Use the spray to clean your plant of dust or infestations of mealybugs, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, scale insects or scale insects. You use the heroes after the soap has dried.

The spray can be used on houseplants or in vegetable gardens on fruit and vegetables. An easy and natural way to combat insect pests, without harming plants, bees, birds and mammals!

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*Pyrethroids are contained in many pesticides to repel or combat insects. Examples of pyrethroids include: pyrethrins, prallethrin, metofluthrin, permethrin, deltamethrin, flumethrin, and transfluthrin, alpha-cypermethrin, 1R-trans-phenothrin and Lambda-cyhalothrin.