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How do I recognize thrips?

Thrips are so small that you have to look carefully to find them. Adult thrips have an elongated body with ragged wings. They are about 1-2 mm in size and often yellow, brown or black in color. These little creatures can be found in the flowers or on the leaves of many different plants.

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Trip's egg

Adult thrips provide a sheltered spot for their eggs. They gnaw a hole and lay the egg in leaves, petals or in the stem. This means the eggs are well protected against natural enemies. The eggs are very small and cannot be clearly seen with the naked eye.

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Thrips larva

A larva hatches from an egg. The larva of the thrips is almost transparent to yellow in color. The larvae have no wings. So they look different from the adult thrips. In this photo you see the larva and adult thrips next to each other.

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Trips doll

Larvae of thrips can drop to the soil and pupate in the soil. An adult thrips hatch here.

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How do I recognize thrips damage?

Thrips cause damage by sucking plant cells dry. This causes silver-gray spots on the leaves: dead plant cells. Black dots in the gray spots are thrips droppings.

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Thrips in the vegetable garden

Thrips can also attack plants in the vegetable garden. For example, this leek that has been damaged by tobacco thrips. Light spots appear on the leaf.

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How do I combat thrips?

To combat thrips effectively, it is important to tackle every stage of the thrips life cycle. The predatory mite Irski can be used preventively. If you see some thrips, use Carna lacewings to clean up the larvae and adult thrips. These gluttons can ideally be combined with Irski predatory mites. Aaltje Felti can be used to control the pupae in the soil.

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How do I prevent thrips?

Irski predatory mites are supplied in a special breeding bag. This causes the predatory mites to slowly leave the bag in 4 to 6 weeks. Ideal for hanging in plants and preventing thrips infestation.

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Control thrips on a large number of plants

If you have an urban jungle with thrips at home, or if you are bothered by thrips in the hobby greenhouse or garden, we have put together an ideal package to outsmart thrips.

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