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A complete approach to combating different types of aphids. An ideal aphid control package for a serious aphid infestation in the home, hobby greenhouse or garden.

The Optimized Combi package contains:

  • 2 bags of Carna lacewing larvae
  • 6 expansion trays to expand Carna
  • 1 bag of Puncta ladybug larvae
  • 1 cotton bag to deploy Puncta
  • Plant Soap

The treatment is enough for 25 houseplants, 25 m² vegetable garden, 25 low plants up to 60cm or 10 m high plants up to 100cm.

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Product information

Do you suffer a lot from aphids in your (vegetable) garden or houseplants? Then the Optimized package is the ideal and nature-friendly way to get rid of the pest. Carna, Puncta and Plant Soap complement each other perfectly in combating aphids.

The Plant Soap spray consists of 100% natural substances and does not contain any poison. With the spray you can easily and effectively clean leaves affected by aphids. The natural spray is ideal to use as a preparatory treatment before applying the Heroes. Spray on the top and bottom of the leaves, wait until the spray has dried and then apply the Heroes. Carna and Puncta immediately get to work effectively and clean up the last leftovers that are difficult to reach with the spray. With Plant Soap you give Carna and Puncta a big head start.

Carna bags contain small larvae of a common lacewing, also called the goldeneye. The larvae are about 0.5 cm in size and therefore work almost invisibly. Carna can eat up to 300-400 aphids in its larval stage. The Carna larvae are easy to use. They only need to be spread close to the aphid pest and they will get to work straight away. Once the infestation is cleared, Carna will disappear from the plants on its own.

Puncta contains larvae of the two-spotted ladybug, a cute insect that is common in Dutch nature. After being released, the hungry ladybird larvae immediately look for aphids and eat them.

1. Dosage
1 pack of Carna is enough for:
• 25 m² for a vegetable garden or low plants up to 60 cm
• 10 m² for tall plants up to 100 cm or hedges
• 25 houseplants

Overdose is not possible: the more Heroes you use, the faster the aphids will disappear.

Thoroughly spray the bottom and top of the leaves with Plant Soap and apply Carna and Puncta once the liquid has dried.

Do not spray directly on the Insect Heroes, this is harmful to the creatures. Wait at least 4 weeks before applying the spray after releasing Insect Heroes.

2. When to bet
Puncta and Carna can be used when the first aphid is observed. The sooner you deploy the Heroes, the more effective the fight will be. Place between 12 and 30 °C.

3. Shelf life
It is advisable to use Carna and Puncta as soon as possible. Do you want to keep the product longer? Then store cool at a temperature between 8-10 °C in a dark place. The product has a shelf life of 1-2 days after receipt. Carna and Puncta bags contain food, so they can survive transport well.

4. Location
The Optimized package can be used indoors, in a hobby greenhouse or outdoors. Carna and Puncta are best placed close to the aphid in the plant. Place in a sheltered spot to avoid direct sunlight, strong winds and rain.

5. Repeat treatment
A one-time application does not guarantee that the pest will be gone from the plants forever. Restocking every other month is recommended to prevent aphids.

On average, a lacewing larvae eats 300-400 aphids in its life. The effectiveness depends on temperature, type of aphid, height and type of plant.

Lacewing larvae prefer aphids, but also like to eat thrips, whiteflies and spider mites. Real gluttons!

On average, a ladybug larva eats 200-300 aphids in its life. The effectiveness depends on temperature, type of aphid, height and type of plant.

After 4-6 weeks the larvae can pupate into adult ladybugs. This will only happen if the larvae have eaten enough and there are no Puncta predators nearby. The adult Puncta beetles also eat aphids.

Look after!
Ants can get in the way of Puncta's work. For example, lure ants away by placing tubes with honey in them.

After 2 weeks you should see a reduction in the infestation.

Carna and Puncta are native species and occur naturally in the Netherlands. Carna and Puncta are 100% natural products. The lacewings and ladybugs are not harmful to people, pets, bees or birds and do not affect the plant. After removing the plague, the Heroes will automatically disappear from the plants due to lack of food.

Keep the Plant Soap out of the reach of children and animals.
In case of contact with eyes: rinse thoroughly.

Plant Soap

1. Content
200 ml

2. Composition
3% black soap, based on olive oil. 100% natural ingredients.

3. Appearance
Transparent liquid. Please note: liquid can leave white residue on the plant.


1. Content
Lacewing larvae, buckwheat hulls


1. Content
Ladybug larvae, buckwheat hulls


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